Help Me!

WinAVR is easy and fun too use! Well it depends how you define fun, but it can at least be easy. The following section details getting started, reporting bugs, and hopefully solving your problems.

Current Bugs

You can view the current WinAVR bugs at The current release (20060125) also has a problem with AVRStudio interaction. See the thread on the issue.

Getting Started

WinAVR Start Guides

C Programming Starter Guides

Getting Started with the AVR in general


There's lots of help out there for any problems you have. If you are a member of post a queston on the AVR-GCC forum. Most problems with WinAVR will actually be problems with the tools provided by WinAVR. This includes avr-gcc and avrdude for example - and they have their own support system. The AVRFreaks forum is often the easiest here, as it covers all the tools in WinAVR.

But first check the avr-libc documentation, search the forums, search the avr-chat mailing list, or search the avr-gcc-list mailing list. For more links to all the project pages including bugs and mailing lists see the "links" section.

Reporting Bugs

Yikes! You found a bug in WinAVR. First, check that it hasn't been reported already at

Next, make sure this is a bug in WinAVR. WinAVR is nothing more than a collection of tools - a problem with the compiler is NOT a bug in WinAVR. A problem programming is NOT a bug in WinAVR. These are all bugs in the individual tools, reporting the bugs to WinAVR will not get them corrected. Examples of WinAVR bugs would be if the installer fails, or if the executable installed just doesn't run at all!

Now you can go ahead and report the bug at the bug tracker link above. If it turned out to be a bug in one of the tools see the "links" page for information on getting those projects bug trackers.