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Projects in WinAVR

It is important to note that WinAVR is a collection of tools. For specific information on these tools see the links below:

Atmel AVR in General

  • Atmel - The Alpha and Omega, Atmel itself
  • - Discussion, Links, Tools, Datasheets

Discussion Boards / Mailing Lists

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Real-Time Operating Systems

  • AvrX - AvrX is a Real-Time Multitasking Kernel.
  • EtherNut - Nut/OS - Ethernut is an Open Source Hardware and Software Project for building Embedded Ethernet Devices. It contains Nut/OS which is an intentionally simple RTOS for the ATmega128, which provides a minimum of services to run Nut/Net, the TCP/IP stack.
  • FreeRTOS - FreeRTOS is a portable, open source, mini Real Time Scheduler (or mini RTOS kernel).
  • TinyOS - TinyOS is a component-based runtime environment designed to provide support for deeply embedded systems which require concurrency intensive operations while constrained by minimal hardware resources.
  • Contiki - Contiki is an Internet-enabled operating system and desktop environment for a number of smallish systems.
  • XMK - eXtreme Minimal Kernel - XMK is a preemptive multitasking scheduler/kernel for 8bit microcontrollers. Its goal is to provide a bare bones RTOS with a small enough footprint (RAM+ROM) to run on 8bit microcontrollers.

Used to make WinAVR

Commercial enterprises using WinAVR / avr-gcc

  • BDMicro - Our microcontroller boards are programmable in powerful and familiar languages such as C, using the freely available GNU GCC toolchain which comprises the core of the defacto standard robust tool set of the open source community. Commercial C compilers are also available, of course, notably compilers from CodeVision and ImageCraft are popular.
  • NewAE - the LoonBoard video development system.